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Milan Ascensore,
"Describing quality isn´t easy, but when you meet it you recognize it."

Moving people safely is what we do best. Service comes first at Milan Ascensore. To us, that means developing new products that meet our customers’ needs and challenges; providing reliable maintenance; and modernizing systems. We are committed to providing each customer with the utmost in personal service and professional care for their elevator system.

Milan Ascensore accompanies its customers through all the phases of execution of elevator equipment: planning, production, and then installation and maintenance, offering the customers the advantage of having available qualified contact person responding to all their requests.

  • 1- Planning
  • 2- Production
  • 3- Technical Assistance
  • 4- Installation & Maintenance
1- Planning

Also thanks to the more particular needs of their clients, Milan Ascensore in the recent past was able to imagine, plan and execute exclusive products.

The staff of Milan Ascensore is thus available for any requirements of a planning nature, beginning from the execution of simple graphic creations to the drafting of technical reports or calculations.

2- Production

Milan Ascensore always pays particular attention to signals from its customers especially when they indicate particular requirements or a technical difficulty. This is the source of the manufacturing philosophy of “ made to order ”. Thanks to the modern technology of our machinery and the preparation of the personnel, Milan Ascensore is able to make highly personalized products so as to satisfy its customers.

The essential and valuable contribution of customer experience represents a continual stimulus for facing and solving new technological challenges.

3- Technical Assistance

Among the various services offered by Milan Ascensore, particular importance is given to technical assistance, understood as continuous support to the customers in the identification of more convenient solutions along all the various phases of the supply.

Expert and qualified personnel will be available to you from worksite plans to the choice of materials and finishing in the preliminary phase, passing through the production of graphic creations representing the various hypotheses for execution, up to the operations of post sales assistance (instructions for assembly and maintenance, replacement parts, guarantee etc…).

Administrative and office practices may also be simplified thanks to the consulting that Milan Ascensore is able to provide.

4- Installation & Maintenance

Milan Ascensore supports its customers and agents with training courses quarterly in order to strengthen their skills and to upgrade their services to the level of Milan lifts services.

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