Milan Ascensore
Milan Ascensore,
"Describing quality isn´t easy, but when you meet it you recognize it."
Recent News

Milan Ascensore S.R.L. issued its new version of elevators named “PEGASO”.

Milan Ascensore would be pleased to meet you at LIFT 2012 in MILAN from 7th to 9th November 2012.

Download the catalogue of our elevators Click here to download pdf version of the catalogue, for further information contact us

Milan Ascensore was present to the LIFT 2010 exhibition in Milan.

News Archive

Milan Ascensore produced new models  of cabins; (M 120 & M 130 ).

Milan Ascensore developed the safety system , braking and speed governor systems as per the latest techniques of the modern age.

Milan Ascensore produced new models of cabins; (M 110 & M220 & M100).

Milan Ascensore Co-operated with the major companies of manufacturing the elevators motors in Italy to approve the motor " M 12 ".

Milan Ascensore produced the hydraulic system. This system works with the same safety features with a pit depth up to 25 cm and also overhead up to 3 m which suit the old constructed buildings.

Milan Ascensore The " Drum " machine system was approved by Milan Ascensore for the Dumbwaiter. It is smoother, more flexible and saving than the old system.

Milan Ascensore An agreement was done between Milan Ascensore and the best international companies in order to supply the " Graded Speed Inverter " of Milan elevator.

Milan Ascensore started in producing a new generation of Machine roomless – Gearless elevators.

Milan Ascensore started to give agencies of its products out of Europe.

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