Milan Ascensore
Milan Ascensore,
"Describing quality isn´t easy, but when you meet it you recognize it."
About Milan Ascensore

Milan Ascensore was founded in the late twentieth century as a small factory and after a few years of manufacturing process focused exclusively on full-package lifts production. Today, the company covers over 1,500 square meters of Milan province (Italy).

It boasts an experience of more than 15 years in the design, manufacturing and installation of lifts. Up today, Milan Ascensore has sold over 10,000 units in Europe and all over the world.

With strong experience developed over the years, Milan Ascensore quickly earned a place in the difficult market of manufacturing elevators, today becoming one of the major companies of lifts in Italy.

Innovation, technology, advanced planning and attention to details have made the product attractive also abroad, opening new markets.

In full respect of its original activity, the company is highly flexible and available to offer customized products according to customers' needs. The key features of this versatility are mainly supported by the assistance provided by the engineering team, the staff strong knowledge and professionalism and, finally, by top quality and highly advanced products.

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